Montag, 3. November 2014

The Outcast Ones

Der erste Teil von Radioactive ist nun auch in englischer Sprache erhältlich und trägt den Titel

After World War 3, Earth is in ruins. The last surviving humans are barricaded inside safety zones to protect themselves from the radiation.They can only stay alive if they follow strict rules. No one has property of their own, and no one can make their own choices: the Legion Commanders take every decision away from people. This world has no room for emotion. People only live in order to function, so they have numbers instead of names. D518 is one of them. Born into this destroyed world, she's never known any other life than this - completely defined and controlled. But this changes in an instant when she is kidnapped by opponents of the government, and she discovers that everything she believed in is a lie.

Ich bin schon sehr gespannt wie mein Baby bei den englischsprachigen Lesern ankommen wird. 

Das wunderschöne Cover wurde übrigens von Ines Caranaubahx gestaltet.